2022 Sequim Lavender Weekend

Sequim Lavender Weekend - July 15 - 17, 2022

The third weekend in July we celebrate all things lavender here in Sequim.  As you step out of your car you can smell the soothing scent of this flowering purple herb that has been used to calm and delight for centuries.  

Sequim Lavender Weekend offers the community and visitors a plethura of activities to enjoy including visiting the beautiful local lavender farms, attending the Lavender Festival Street Fair, and a host of community events.  We hope you enjoy your time and take advantage of all that Sequim Lavender Weekend has to offer. Click on the links below to learn more about the weekend activities.

Lavender Farm Festivals and Events

Sequim Lavender Festival Street Fair

Community Events

More Important Information

Pets at Sequim Lavender Weekend

Guests with Physical Disabilities


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